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 Style Information:

Leave a bold and strong impression everywhere you go with the Gabriella Rocha Melissa. These solid boots are simple and give stunning looks. You can wear them with casual as well as dressy outfit. The interior is cushioned for the day long comfort and it also helps to keep your feet fresh. Gabriella Rocha usually makes sandals and pump but with Melissa they have proved that they can make solid and stunning boots as well. Its upper is made from the leather which is soft yet gives strong looks. The lining of synthetic suede helps to keep you feet fresh by drawing away the moisture and it also keep the feet blister free. The upper has the design of simulated wrapping. The toe has the square outline which makes good room for wiggle. The upper has the side zipper which allow you to put them on and off quickly. The foot bed is cushioned for additional comfort all day long. The outsole is made from synthetic which has the low profile. This low provide let you ride lower to the ground and it also provides stable ride. Its heel is 3 inches high and it weighs 20 ounces. This style can be found in these colors: Brown Leather and Black Leather.


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Customer Review(s):
These boots are classic and very attractive. I love the decent looks of these boots. I ordered them online and when I got them the size was bit narrow. I got them replaced with one bigger size and that pair is perfect. My sister had these boots and I loved them so I ordered. But her pair has started stretching and the leather is showing whitish marks on it which looks so ugly. My pair has not done anything yet but if itís a problem with all of their pairs then itís not good. Theyíre such a cute and classy boots and I do not want them to get ruined. I often wear them and I have received many compliments. The professional look which these boots give is just amazing. They are absolutely what I was looking for. I have searched similar boots but itís just these styles are hard to find. I often wear them with jeans and they look great. My sister was planning for buy another pair of same style but then we discussed that she should try out some other style like this cause of what happened to her previous style. They are durable and well built but if those white marks came up on my pair as well then they do not worth the money I paid.

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